Planet Asia & Gold Chain Military - - Exclusive InterviewVancouver, B.C. – In some ways Planet Asia embodies a modern Faust: he’s clearly a seeker of knowledge but has the edge of experience to give depth to his search. He’s been rapping for decades, and while he retains a child-like devotion to his craft he comes hard in his music: lyrically aggressive and unabashedly righteous.  The Fresno boy is a strong advocate for the things that form his identity: his town, his crew and his spiritual persuasions.  He sees the world in terms of good and evil – a practically defunct paradigm in this day and age – and applies this filter to his music.  He’s been around for a minute and has a deep understanding of hip-hop’s ethos, having watched it grow from the ground up in his childhood.[read more]

By Amalia J. Nickel for HipHopCanada