Interview with Grand Analog

September 24, 2009

Interview with Grand Analog
By: Amalia Judith
Date: September 24th 2009

Interview with Odario Williams of Grand Analog (formerly of Mood Ruff) - Exclusive on

Interview with Odario Williams of Grand Analog (formerly of Mood Ruff) - Exclusive on “I had to jump in the van and go to the nearest town which was Saskatoon, and play there and sell the CDs that I’d burned in my apartment. That’s how I learned to do my thing. And with that I have a collection of albums under my belt.” – Odario Williams (Grand Analog)

Winnipeg, MB – Like the dub, reggae and soul-infused music he creates, Odario Williams is a bit of a mess. That is to say, the Grand Analog frontman is difficult to define: the Winnipeg native melds the disposition of an island boy with the aesthetic of a punk, the tireless work ethic of the old country with the experimental curiosity of what he calls “The ADD generation.”

Charming and verbose, the former Mood Ruff member has been shaping the face of Canadian hip-hop for decades yet remains relevant and on the cusp of musical movements. Metropolis is Burning – GA’s latest release – forces blues riffs, winding dubs and grimy percussion to get along, an orgy of live sound which climaxes in, of all things, a kazoo breakdown.

From the obscurity of middle Canada to their ascendency of Canadian hip-hop, Grand Analog are doing their thing in their own way. Since it seems to be working so well, HipHopCanada figured it was worth a chat.

HipHopCanada: So Odario, you’re originally from Winnipeg, can you tell us a little about the cultural landscape there?

Odario Williams: Well, Winnipeg is the epitome of isolation. Toronto they’ve got New York or Montreal to run to. Montreal has New York to run to but Montreal doesn’t want to run to anybody. Vancouver, Seattle, you go a little further you’ve got Portland, Los Angeles. Winnipeg, we’ve got nothing.[read more]