(Photo – Amalia J. Nickel)

Live Review: Haiku d’Etat feat. Myka 9, Aceyalone and Abstract Rude w/ guests
May 8, 2009
Berbati’s Pan, Portland, OR

Mykah 9, Abstract Rude and Aceyalone – Mike, Aaron and Eddie respectively – brought every possible permutation to the stage as Haiku d’Etat, The A-Team and The Freestyle Fellowship rocked it for hours.  For a mere $13, incidentally the same price as a double vodka and Redbull at Berbati’s Pan in Portland, fans were treated to the profound, the profane and the prophetic lyricism of L.A.’s finest. [read more]


Aceyalone shrugs, and credits the use of binary images in his lyrics to being a Libra. His sheepish response seems odd given that his music has been pushing the boundaries of hip-hop for nearly 2 decades – breaking convention doesn’t happen by accident and it seems to me that his creative process is divided between mind and man….[read more]