Amalia J. Nickel


Bachelor of Arts in Honors English completed with distinction from Trinity Western
University in Langley, BC in April 2006

Classroom Management for Students with Learning Disabilities course from
Athabasca University


Staff Journalist/Photographer
Abort Magazine/Abort TV……………………………………………..March 2008 – Present
Editor-In-Chief: E.S. Day,
Duties include:
Critically reviewing hip-hop albums, live shows and occasionally books. Formulating
and carrying out interviews with various hip-hop artists for publication and podcast.

Some artists I have interviewed:
Sean P. of Boot Camp Clik
Lyrics Born
Casual and Pep Love of
Zion I
Luckyiam of Living Legends
Pigeon John
DL Incognito

Staff Journalist/Photographer

Work also published in: ACSI World Report, Geez Magazine, Urdu Sunday Times

Licensed Childcare Worker
Britannia Community Centre……………………………………….October 2007 – Present
Duties include:
Caring for School-Aged Children in a professional and ethical manner while instilling a
sense of community in Vancouver’s inner city. Providing age-appropriate play choices,
giving guidance for social, creative, physical and emotional growth, and creating a
safe and fun environment to foster that growth. Working in an inclusive environment to
integrate a variety of special-needs children.

Director, The Grind Society Artist’s Collective
The Grind Society partners with Ray Cam Community Center to help youth develop
artistic and practical skills through the medium of hip-hop. Through mentorship
programs, music events and collaboration with Vancouver Youth Radio the society’s
talented and community-minded artists donate their time and energy to provide
positive modeling and teach their talents.

Past, Current, and Future Projects
Hip-Hop Elements
The society runs a free summer drop-in program out of Ray Cam Community Center.
Open to anyone and everyone, this program aims to teach youth about the four
elements of hip-hop: rapping, breakdancing, graffiti, and DJing. Artists volunteer their
time, making themselves available to mentor youth in a casual, open environment
without the restrictions of a classroom.
Elemental Block Parties
Community events such as block parties hold fast to hip-hop’s initial mission: it is
healthy for people of all ages and persuasions to unite in good times. The Grind
Society believes in free concerts, barbeques by donation, and an array of artistic
displays. In the past year the society has worked with Britannia Community Center
and Vancouver Eastside Education Enrichment Society to make these ideals a reality.
Takeback Radio
Working with Vancouver Youth Radio, The Takeback aims to entertain, educate, and
involve the youth of Vancouver. The radio station is beneficial in a few ways: one is to
provide a more positive, conscious sampling of hip-hop music than mainstream radio
does. Takeback Radio also provides opportunities to showcase local talent, especially
young artists just starting out. Thirdly, it is an excellent opportunity to teach practical
skills through broadcasts, production, and interviews.
Black History Month Assembly
A collection of rappers, breakers, DJs and poets gathered to educate the secondary
students at Britannia school about the origins of hip-hop: ancient rhythms and oral
traditions. The students went wild for the Toronto sounds of Plazma, the charismatic
HeatWave, and the crazy legs of b-boy Yutaka.
The Heatwave Classic
A 3-on-3 basketball tournament for youth will happen at RayCam Community Center.
During the tournament there will be other activities occurring to involve the community.
There will be a live, outdoor hip-hop performance with many of the performers
involved in the tournament itself as well as a barbeque, a live radio broadcast for
Vancouver Youth Radio, mural exhibitions and break dance performances. The
tournament will close with a celebrity match and awards ceremony.


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