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Live Review – Lady Sovereign w/guests
May 22, 2009
Richards on Richards, Vancouver

Lady Sovereign is certainly no lady but that’s the way her fans seem to like her: an unlikely sex symbol, a live wire with drink in hand and anger in tow. Promoting her new album Jigsaw, noticeably more commercial than 2006’s Public Warning, Sov managed to throw a temper tantrum, flash her tits, and get the crowd all riled in up in just one set. [read more]

By Amalia J. Nickel

By Amalia Judith

k-os - Exclusive interview on HipHopCanada.com

* April 30th performance photos by Julia Kozlov

Vancouver, B.C. – Despite a certain reputation, k-os seems quite formidable and he’s not above cracking a few jokes in between his well thought-out responses. K-os knows what he believes and is a strong advocate of his own distinct philosophies on music. He refuses to restrict himself by way of self-definition, so to call him a mere rapper isn’t entirely accurate but the man can sure rhyme.

k-os live in concert April 30th in Vancouver on the Yes! Karma TourHis fourth album in, Kheaven is proving that he’s not just talk. He’s putting his money where his mouth is and offering up his ethos in the form of free music. Okay, his album is still $12.99 on iTunes for the special edition but his shows are free, his beats are up for grabs and there might be some ringtones thrown in the mix too. Crown Loyalist Recordings, k-os’ own subsidiary to parent label Universal Music Canada, has also released a remix album, letting any one of the public have their dirty way with a k-os beat. Canada has rhythm in reserves and an open call for it reinforces the musical community and takes the term “music sharing” back to grassroots.[read more]

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On a recent road trip to Portland, Oregon, ABORT’s Amalia Nickel got a lesson in “Blazing 101″ with L.A. rapper Abstract Rude. Currently signed to Rhymesayers, his current tour sees him teamed up with cohorts Aceyalone and Myka 9 as the alter-trio, Haiku D’etat.

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Live Review: Haiku d’Etat feat. Myka 9, Aceyalone and Abstract Rude w/ guests
May 8, 2009
Berbati’s Pan, Portland, OR

Mykah 9, Abstract Rude and Aceyalone – Mike, Aaron and Eddie respectively – brought every possible permutation to the stage as Haiku d’Etat, The A-Team and The Freestyle Fellowship rocked it for hours.  For a mere $13, incidentally the same price as a double vodka and Redbull at Berbati’s Pan in Portland, fans were treated to the profound, the profane and the prophetic lyricism of L.A.’s finest. [read more]