Mixtape Report: Heatwave – The Masses Volume 1

January 24, 2009

Mixtape Report: Heatwave
The Masses Volume 1

Heatwave, Vancouver’s self-proclaimed “Fresh Prince of the City” does indeed bring a little heat to The Masses of Raindrop City with his new mixtape. It’s not all good, but it’s a solid effort chock-full of epic beats, sincere sentiments and the ballsy self-hype young rappers tend to spit: at times his slightly off-kilter flows sound like a less refined Nas.

Perhaps the most successful track is “Say the Word”, featuring Heatwave’s Killawatt counterparts Red 1and Lamar Ashe: Heatwave keeps sound company and it’s a good look for him. His drawling vocals on this track, combined with Lamar’s crisp melodies, display West Coast flavor at its finest. On “Fallen Star” sublime scales back Heatwave’s earnest lyricism – “if it’s knowledge that I got, I need wisdom” – it’s a little gushy but emotionally affective. “Paper Paper” is equally grandiose with its choral-based beat and thoughtful rhymes: “Paper, paper, tell me how you feel…Tell me why you make the poor people feel ill”. [read more]



By Amalia Nickel


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