Live Review: Afrika Bambaataa, Vancouver BC

January 24, 2009

(Photo- Amalia Nickel)
Live Review: Afrika Bambaataa
Friday, Sept. 5 2008
SHINE Night Club, Vancouver BC

To see the legendary Afrika Bambaataa at a small Vancouver club like Shine was truly incredible.  The “godfather” of hip-hop culture rolled into the club nearing midnight and stealthy set up his Mac laptop: Serato instead of vinyl was a little surprising but did not affect the show by any means.

There was something special about getting back to hip-hop basics with classic breaks and a DJ-focused set.  A Zulu Nation emcee kept the party going with traditional call-and-response and toasting but Bambaataa, one of the originators of break-beat DJing, was the obvious star. Bambaataa took the dancing crowd through all the break basics: James Brown, the Sugarhill Gang and of course his own Planet Rock. [read more]

By Amalia Nickel and Kent Stephany


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